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SRFax Review
My Fax Blog

  What Makes Me Different?  

   David's email fax reviews are the product of twenty years' telecom experience and writing a best-selling book, "The Cheapest Way to Make Phone Calls, Send Faxes or Use the Internet." Since most fax services don't offer a clear distinction, it makes no sense to list them all. To help you choose the best fax service for your needs, below are his top recommendations:

David's Top Internet Faxing Deals
      Fax Service Monthly Price / Pages Why I Like This Fax Service
Learn More About MaxEmail's No Auto Bill Free Trial Best Free Trial
100 Receive + 30 Send
Bullet Does Not Auto Bill After Free Trial Ends
Bullet TopTenReviews — Best of 2012 List
Bullet — 5.8/7 (46 reviews)
Bullet Established in 1998
 Visit SRFax $3.29 
25 Receive/Send Combo
Bullet Highest User Ratings • Includes Fax Number
Bullet — 9.8/10 (68 Reviews)
Bullet — 6.6/7 (42 reviews)
Bullet Established in 2004 • Full Review
 Visit Nextiva $4.95
500 Receive/Send Combo
Bullet Amazing Deal at $60/Year • USA Only
Bullet — Best of 2012 List
Bullet — 4.5/5 Stars
Bullet Established in 2001 • Full Review
 Visit SRFax $7.95 
500 Receive/Send Combo
Bullet Monthly Plan • International Fax • Top Rated
Bullet — 9.8/10 (68 Reviews)
Bullet — 6.6/7 (42 reviews)
Bullet Established in 2004 • Full Review
 Visit eFax $16.95
150 Receive + 150 Send
Bullet — Best of 2012 List
Bullet — Top Recommendation
Bullet Established in 1998 • Full Review
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How Does Email Fax Work?

Each email fax company below allows you to select a fax number for your own ”private” use. During the online sign-up process, which takes less than five minutes, you'll select a fax number and enter your email address. Once your account is set up, any incoming faxes will be automatically converted and routed to your email as PDF or JPG attachments. Also, most companies allow you to send and receive faxes via the Internet through a Web interface. Sending faxes including Word docs, PDFs and pictures is a snap. Below are two videos that should help you to understand the email faxing process better.

eFax Video
MyFax Tutorial

MyFax Review

Compare MyFax:
The Plan I Use
$10 · 300 Faxes

MyFax is the email fax company I choose. It was very satisfying to call AT&T for the last time — to disconnect my fax line. Since I made the change to MyFax, I've slashed my costs by going paperless.

MyFax offers local and toll-free fax numbers throughout the USA, Canada, England and Europe. At $10 a month and no set up fee, MyFax is a good value. This plan allows you to send 100 fax pages and receive 200 fax page each month, which is more than enough for most people. MyFax gives you both email fax and email faxing through the Web. And if you select the annual payment option during the online sign up process, you'll pay just $8.33 a month. MyFax also has a 400 plan at $20/month and an 800 plan at $40/month.

Additional faxes, including incoming toll-free pages, cost 10¢ each and it's easy to upgrade to a larger plan if needed. MyFax offers 1 year of free fax storage via the Internet and allows up to 5 users per account.

MyFax integrates well with Microsoft Office and there's even a free fax plug-in for ACT! contact manager. If you own a Smart phone, you can receive faxes as PDF email attachments on it.

Read extended MyFax review.

MyFax Special Promotions
 Visit Website Local & Toll-Free Numbers Visit Website
30-Day Free Trial No Contract Required Sign up Now
Get 3 Months $20 Buy 2 Get 1 Month Free Learn More
Annual Discount Save 20% Learn More

MaxEmail Review

Compare MaxEmail:
$24/Yr · 100 Monthly Faxes
$24/Qtr · 350 Monthly Faxes

Receive up to 100 fax pages a month for as little as $2.00—based on a one-time annual payment of $24.00. All outgoing faxes within the US cost only 5¢ per page; however, the plan only includes an 815 area code incoming fax number. If you're seeking a reliable, low cost, fax service, you've found it. This service works great, dont be afraid to sign up.

MaxEmail also offers a 350 fax plan at $84.00 annual plan (or $9.95 monthly). This plan includes a local or toll-free fax number. MaxEmail's coverage area includes 140 area codes and there is a $10 one-time activation fee.

MaxEmail offers corporate plans with ten users included and no set-up fees.

MaxEmail Special Promotions
 Visit Website Local & Toll-Free Numbers Visit Website
30-Day Free Trial No Auto Bill After Trial Ends Sign up Now
Annual Discount Save 30% Learn More

SRFax Review

Compare SRFax:
$6.95 · 200 Monthly Faxes
International Faxing

SRFax offers the best free trial in the industry — 60 days! SRFax has a plan starting at $6.95 a month or $62.55 if paid annually, which includes 200 combined incoming and outgoing fax pages.

Other SRFax plans include a 500 fax page plan at $9.95; an 800 fax plan at $15.95 a month and a 1,200 plan at $29.95 a month.

Additional fax pages cost only 8¢ and there are no extra charge for using a Toll-Free fax number within North America. SRFax is among the few fax services permitting global faxing (international rates apply). All plans include no set-up fee, discounts for paying annually and 1-year of online fax storage.

SRFax offers users multiple email accounts. Send a fax from any one of your Email accounts. Ultra-Lite and Lite Plans allow for 9 authorized email addresses and the Small & Large Business Plans have no limit for outbound users. You can also cc. (carbon copy) an unlimited number of Email accounts when a fax is received or sent in all of our plans.

SRFax Special Promotions
 Visit Website Local & Toll-Free Numbers Visit Website
60-Day Free Trial No Contract Required Sign up Now
3 Months for $6.95 3 for 1 Special Learn More
Annual Discount Save 20% Learn More

Nextiva Review

Compare Nextiva:
$59/Yr · 500 Monthly Faxes
$17.95 · 1,000 Faxes
$34.95 · 3,000 Faxes

Nextiva offers the best combo deal at $4.95 a month when you prepay $59.40 a year. By doing so, you'll save 45% off the standard $8.95 rate, which is a good value in itself. The plan offers up to five users a whopping 500 combined inbound and outbound fax pages. Additional fax pages cost only 3¢. If your local area is not covered by Nextiva, you'll be given a toll-free fax number at no charge. Nextiva allows you to preview faxes, has great customer support and does not charge a set-up fee.

Other Nextiva plans include a 1,000 fax page plan at 12.95 a month if prepaid annually or $17.95 monthly. Nextiva has a 3,000 fax plan at $29.95 a month if prepaid annually or $34.95 paid annually.

Nextiva Special Promotions
 Visit Website Local & Toll-Free Numbers Visit Website
30-Day Free Trial No Contract Required Sign up Now
Annual Discount Save 45% Learn More


Compare FAXAGE:
$3.49 + 5¢ Fax
$7.95 · 600 Faxes
$19.95 · 5,000 Inbound

FAXAGE is a cost-effective email fax solution offering a wide variety of plans. Its basic plan at $3.49 month includes a local or toll-free number and 5¢ faxing.

Other FAXAGE plans include 300 inbound and 300 outbound fax pages at $7.95 a month and a 1,500 fax page plan at $19.95 — all plans offer local and toll-free fax numbers. FAXAGE even offers a 5,000 inbound plan at $19.95 a month. FAXAGE has a low 5¢ per fax minute overage charge on both local and toll-free fax numbers. FAXAGE normally charges a nominal $5.00 set-up fee, but you may use the link below and get a $5 credit when you sign up. FAXAGE also has a plan at $64.95 a month with an average cost of 1.3¢ per fax.

FAXAGE allows for multiple fax numbers per account and forwards faxes to as many email addresses as the user specifies. User management, status reporting, list faxing and other faxing features are all provided via an integrated web interface. In addition to the Website, both email and custom API support are provided for sending and receiving faxes.

FAXAGE Special Promotions
 Visit Website Local & Toll-Free Numbers Visit Website
$5 Savings Apply Coupon Code Sign up Now

eFax Review

Compare eFax:

$16.96 · 160 Faxes

eFax has the largest faxing network and supports over 11 million customers worldwide in 46 different countries, offering both email fax and Internet fax via the Web. eFax, owned by J2 Global Communications, boasts a 99.5% up-time and offers local fax numbers in over 3,300 cities worldwide. Over the past three years, eFax expanded its geographic coverage by about 62%. eFax currently offers toll-free fax numbers throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. When I called eFax's customer support for information, my questions were answered quickly.

eFax costs $16.95 a month ($14.13 when you sign up to eFax's annual plan). eFax allows up to 5 users to receive 130 fax pages and send up to 30 per month. Overage fax pages cost 10¢ each (20¢ for extra incoming toll-free fax pages). eFax has a $10 set-up fee and stores faxes online for up to 1 year free of charge. eFax can also deliver faxes as PDF email attachments to your mobile phone.

eFax Special Promotions
 Visit Website Local & Toll-Free Numbers Visit Website
30-Day Free Trial No Contract Required Sign up Now
Annual Discount Save Nearly 20% Learn More

How to Send a Free Internet Fax

Note: Free fax services do NOT keep a log or store your sent faxes; hence, if a fax confirmation is extremely important, you may wish to consider using a low-cost paid service or signing up to one of the many free trials listed above. There is no way to know if your emailed fax confirmation will be deleted by a spam filter or misplaced in a spam folder somewhere.
Feel free to request my free Internet fax newsletter which contains an updated list of companies offering free Internet faxing services.
What's The Cheapest Way to Fax?
  Fax Service Ad Free In/Out Fees/Catches Remarks
 SRFax Yes In/Out $3.29 25 Pages, Includes Fax Number
 GreenFax Yes Out Only $25 Prepaid 400 Pages, Logs, Never Expires
 Fax87 Yes In/Out Free Trial — 1,000 Pages Most Free Fax Pages
 SRFax Yes In/Out Free Trial — 500 Pages Longest Free Trial, 60-Days
 eFax Yes In/Out Free Trial — 300 Pages Offers International Fax Numbers
 MyFax Free Yes Out Only Requires 3 Emails Unknown Max Pages
 FreeFax Yes Out Only Uses Unreliable, Not Secure Yes Out Only All Volunteers Unreliable, Not Secure
 FreePopFax No Out Only Ads on Fax Based in France
 FaxZero No Out Only $1.99 Fee 3 Pages Max
 FaxItNice Yes Out Only Requires Fax Token Unknown Max Pages
 GotFreeFax Yes Out Only 98¢ to $2.99 Fee 3 Pages Max

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MyFax Free Fax Review

Compare MyFax Free:
Requires 3 Emails to Fax Free

MyFax also offers free Internet faxing services. Users may send a fax to 41 countries in exchange for providing three email addresses, likely for marketing purposses. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

  'Send' Only Free Faxing
  30-Day Free Trial: Send & Receive

GotFreeFax Review

Compare GotFreeFax:
3 Fax Pages Maximim

GotFreeFax is new and allows you to send a three-page Internet fax within the US or Canada without ads appearing on the cover page. Users may compose an Internet fax by attaching a file or entering text via a web interface. The question is what does the Free Fax service not include that the premium service does? According to GotFreeFax's Website, its Premium Pay-Per-Fax service offers priority delivery, encrypted connection and technical support. User can send 10 fax pages for 98¢, 20 pages for $1.98 and 30 pages for $2.98. GotFreeFax promotes its own paid-fax service and advertises other companies such as RingCentral, which confuses me. I'm seeking feedback from folks who have tried GotFreeFax's free Internet fax service. Free Fax Review
Unreliable Free Faxing

The following information is taken from David Berger's book, The Cheapest Way to Make Phone Calls, Send Fax or Use the Internet (which is available free of charge for download).

The Internet Multicasting Service,, is a non-profit organization operating a free email fax service. It relies on volunteers from the U.S., Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, South Korea, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom, who maintain fax servers in their particular areas, so all phone calls to fax machines are local.

FYI, document number RFC1530 states invented Remote Printing (ie, email fax or Internet fax) back in 1993. Since relies on volunteers, the reliability is questionable.

To send a free email fax to someone, first create the email message. Use the following address. Replace the italicized variables with the actual person's name and phone number, but keep the punctuation and underline intact

Note that the fax number is one continuous string of digits, and it must include the 1 and the area code, even if the fax is just being sent across town.'s free fax service automatically sends you an email confirmation either stating that the fax transmission was successful or did not go through — probably because there is no local fax server in that area.

Here's a short list of areas covered by the fax network: Canada and the United States (+1); Botswana (+267 total coverage); South Africa (+27); Greece (+30); The Netherlands (+31 total coverage); Bulgaria (+359); San Marino (+378 total coverage); Ukraine (+380); Yugoslavia / Serbia and Montenegro (+381 total coverage); Croatia (+385); Italy (+39); Romania (+40); United Kingdom, Isle of Manx and the Channel Islands (+44 total coverage); Sweden (+46 total coverage); Germany (+49); Honduras (+504); Nicaragua (+505 total coverage); Cuba (+53); Brazil (+55); Australia (+61); Indonesia (+62); New Zealand (+64); Singapore (+65 total coverage); Hong Kong (+852 total coverage); China (+86); Taiwan (+886); Turkey (+90); India (+91); Sri Lanka (+94 total coverage) and Lebanon (+961 total coverage). for Additional Information

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FreeFax Review

Compare FreeFax:
Uses, Unrelaible

FreeFax uses's network of volunteers; hence, it is unreliable. Of all the free Internet fax services I list, is the one most people complain about.

FreePopFax Review

Compare FreePopFax:
Ads on Free Fax

Based in France, FreePopFax allows you to send a free Internet fax anywhere in the US, Canada and 45 other countries. FreePopFax is supported by sponsored ads appearing on the cover page each fax. Since you don't know what ads will be displayed, I'd be a bit cautious. Users may compose a free Internet fax by attaching a file or entering text via a Web interface.

FaxZero Review

Compare FaxZero:
$1.99 To Remove Ads on Faxes

Like FreePopFax, FaxZero is supported by ads appearing on the cover page of each Internet fax; therefore, I'd advise caution. Users may compase and send an Internet fax by attaching a file or entering text via a Web interface. If you pay $1.99, you can have the ads removed. FYI, J2 Global Communications, parent company of eFax, filed suit against the owner of FaxZero for patent infringement (court case number 4:08-cv-04469-WDB).

FaxItNice Review

Compare FaxItNice:
Requires Fax Token

FaxItNice permits you to send a free Internet fax anywhere in the US, which normally costs $5.00 (using FaxIt Once plan). FaxItNice's free Internet fax service requires you to create an account and secure a free fax token. Additionally, FaxItNice's paid email fax plans are unclear and seemingly expensive. For example, its No Monthly Fee Plan cost you $20 to establish an account, plus $19.99 set-up fee and then it costs 75¢ to receive and 18¢ to send a fax page.

How To Report Unsolicited Fax Spam

Report unsolicited advertisements via fax to

Note: A reasonable effort was made to verify that the information above is up to date and accurate: however, due to the nature of the Internet and the fact that faxing services change often, no guarantee is implied or intended. More...

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